Solar protection film SOL-mgl35 multiglass medium

Solar protection film SOL-mgl35 multiglass medium

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Product no.: SOL-mu35

Shipping time: 2–3 work days

roll = width x length: 

122 cm x 30,50 m
152 cm x 30,50 m

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Solar protection film SOL-mgl35 multigalss medium for indoor mounting
• Total solar energy rejected 63%
• UV-Block 99%

Your benefit:
• Tinted film (champagne)
• Multilayer
• Scratch resistant surface
• Easy to clean
• Effective protection against heat
• Arranges a comfortable indoor temperature

Ask your window-producer, relatiing to the ability between film and window-type. Please follow this instructions, to avoid a breakage of glass. This film isn´t qualify for garret windows. Please use for this our special skylight-films. For a professional installation do not use mains water. Please take distilled water and also the PBS installation-liquid.

This one is available in our assortment of tools. So you get the best result.
The follows by a commercial dish liquid, can be colour changes of the adhesive.


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